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      SCCC successively achieved ISO system certificates, CNAS laboratory certification, New High-tech enterprise and Enterprise technical Centre, etc; one after another, underwent National Torch Program, National 863 Program and 20 other national or provincial programs and applied 15 patent for invention

June, 2013
New Plant started its construction..
August, 2010
Shuyang Factory went into operation, with yearly capacity of 20,000MT for HF and HCL.
April 2010
Registered capacity increased to 15 Million USD, total investment reached to 25 million USD.
All domestic TOP 10 Public PV Enterprises used SCCC high purity chemicals
November 2008
Current yearly sales volume broke through 100 million CNY.
the end of 2007
Ultra-pure HF and HCL new devices went through successful trial run, with yearly capacity expanded to 10,000 MT.
August 2007
SCCC was honored “Jiangsu New High-Tech Enterprises”
Entered into PV industry
Cooperated with Solvay in the manufacture of Peracetic Acid
June 2006
Underwent SME Technical Innovation Fund Program  and developed UP-SS grade IPA for Micro-electronics
January  2005
Underwent National High-New Technology Research Development (863 Program) to study on engineering technical development for ultrapure chemicals and arsenic removal technology 
In the end of 2004
Yearly capacity of High purity chemicals was improved into 5000 MT after  technical reform.
August 2003
Official production capacity reached to 3000 MT.
November 29, 2001
SCCC was established