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       Suzhou Crystal Clear Chemical Co., Ltd (SCCC) was incorporated on 2001.11.29 and is located in  Chenghu East Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City. It is  a foreign-funded enterprise that produces and sells ultra-pure chemical  materials and other fine chemical products for the microelectronics  industry. The varieties include hydrofluoric acid,  hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric  acid, isopropyl alcohol, glacial acetic acid, mixed acid (silicon  etching solution, aluminum etching solution, chromium etching solution,  BOE, gold etching solution), potassium hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide, supporting reagents, etc. At present, the purity of the main products is that the single metal impurity content is less than 0.1ppb. The products are widely used in VLSI, LED, TFT-LCD panel manufacturing processes, solar wafer etching and cleaning.